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Current Instructors

Ashley Corri (Monday noon paid class) is a UC Berkeley graduate, certified yoga teacher, and massage therapist. She is passionate about sustainability, justice, and eastern philosophy. She teaches a Mindful Hatha Flow that encourages students to be curious, challenge themselves in an empowering way, and work toward that ever-evolving integration of mind, body, and heart. 

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Suzanne Zuber (Friday noon paid class) is a professional yoga teacher with her 500 hour certification. Her alignment-based Yoga focuses on releasing tension, growing strong to the core, and becoming well-aligned in body, mind, and spirit. Her particular interest is self-treatment of our modern ‘hunched over’ posture and reversing wrist/ shoulder/ neck/ back and knee pain by retraining muscles and movement patterns. 

Languages spoken: English, German, French. 


Matt Marcus (occasional sub) is a Lab employee who generously provides free classes.  He is a Berkeley Lab scientist with ALS who has been practicing yoga since 2004. He completed his 200-hour teacher-training program at Yoga Kula in Berkeley, primarily with Anusara-trained instructors.