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Yoga Classes

All Yoga Club classes are currently virtual.


    • Download waiver before your first class; sign & send to Yoga Contacts

    • Give yourself extra time to change, set up mat/props, log in to Zoom, etc.

    • Prop up your device where you can view it and be seen

    • Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move, stretch, lie down

    • Let the instructor know if you're new to yoga or have any injuries

    • Modify poses for yourself as needed - this is YOUR practice!

    • Keep on mute unless you have a comment or question, to ensure everyone can hear the instructor

    • Consider turning on your video to contribute to community experience, and provide visual feedback for the instructor to tune their instruction.

    • Get creative for props: No mat? A rug or the floor will work just fine; consider a blanket or pillow to pad your knees. No blocks? Try heavy books, sturdy luggage, sofa cushions, nearby furniture. For a strap, try a towel or clothing.

What to Expect

    • Classes tend to involve stretching, balancing, strengthening, flow, and core work. Participants should modify poses for themselves as needed.

    • Classes end with a few minutes of relaxation while lying down (savasana).


    • Paid: Monday and Friday classes with Ashley & Elizabeth are a sliding scale of $12-20 (see below or calendar event for online payment methods)

    • Free: Other classes are taught generously for free by Lab employees.

More Options

Yoga Club Classes not fitting your schedule? Check out these options --


Current Instructors

Ashley Corri (Monday noon paid class) is a UC Berkeley graduate, certified yoga teacher, and massage therapist. She is passionate about sustainability, justice, and eastern philosophy. She teaches a Mindful Hatha Flow that encourages students to be curious, challenge themselves in an empowering way, and work toward that ever-evolving integration of mind, body, and heart.

Email: | Website:
Venmo: corrinovayoga | PayPal:

Suzanne Zuber (Friday noon paid class) is a professional yoga teacher with her 500 hour certification. Her alignment-based Yoga focuses on releasing tension, growing strong to the core, and becoming well-aligned in body, mind, and spirit. Her particular interest is self-treatment of our modern ‘hunched over’ posture and reversing wrist/ shoulder/ neck/ back and knee pain by retraining muscles and movement patterns.

Languages spoken: English, German, French.


Matt Marcus (occasional sub) is a Lab employee who generously provides free classes. He is a Berkeley Lab scientist with ALS who has been practicing yoga since 2004. He completed his 200-hour teacher-training program at Yoga Kula in Berkeley, primarily with Anusara-trained instructors.